"Box-n-Go saved us 50% on our move"


Store or move locally/nationwide.


Pay ONLY for the space you use.


No hidden fees or gimmicks.


"We needed storage. Box-n-Go delivered the same day"


Three 3-hour window for you to choose from every day.


No need to pay for truck, insurance, mileage.


FREE pick up! No hidden fees.


"With Box-n-Go I can pack whenever I want"


Cut your work in half - load/unload only once!


No daily rental fees. Take as long as you need to pack.


Convenient ground level loading.


"We have peace of mind our things are safe"

State of the art storage facility - twice the protection and security.

State of the art storage facility - twice the protection and security.

FREE Limited Contents Protection Coverage

FREE Limited Contents Protection Coverage.

FREE ground level access.

FREE ground level access.



We are creatures of habit, and we hold our possessions close ... sometimes too close. Whether we actually use the possessions on a daily basis or not, we still try to keep it with us … generally in our home. After a while we just run out of room, and we have to make important decisions of whether to keep them or not.
San Pedro Self Storage
San Pedro Self Storage

Many people avoid storage businesses because of the myths that they have heard. Almost all of us have heard someone who had a bad experience. After they get done telling you how bad it was, you will never want to use a storage unit. Hopefully, after today, you will be able to make an honest assessment of storage units after we debunk the standard myths that you have heard.


Self Storage = Convenience


Myth # 1: units are dank, dark, dirty, and hot. Maybe back in the early days this was true, but most modern units are well lit and very clean. You see, a business will not make money if they cannot attract customers.


Units as offered by Box-n-Go are some of the best kept, breathable units you will find. They offer a container in their safe, secure facility all for a competitive price. However, we do not have to get rid of our possessions; we just need to store it somewhere safe. Units have come a long way when it comes to convenience and security.


Self Storage for Everyone


Myth # 2: Only a hoarder uses storage units. If that were the case, storage units would not be in businesses. Almost all hoarders keep their possessions in their own home or shed. Another thing to realize is that you are storaging items that you would like to keep, but most likely do not use very often. This is not hoarding; this is being smart. Your house is only so big; so why waste your usable space when you can store the unneeded possessions?


Self Storage is Affordable


Myth # 3: Storage units are very expensive. This is where supply and demand kicks in. There are plenty of units all around the world, and they have to remain competitive in order to earn your business. San Pedro self storage units as provided by Box-n-Go are among the most competitive units around, and we are pretty sure you’ll find one that can fit your budget comfortably.


Honestly, the only thing point you need to worry about is when you find a unit with a too good to believe price. Alright, now you should feel a little more comfortable with using storage units. We have addressed some of the most common myths and explained why they are nothing to concern yourself with. Units are a great way to store your most prized possessions, valuables, or junk. Using units are very smart and highly efficient. Stop wasting time, and space; find a unit today and quit worrying so much about your lack of space. They offer a container in their safe, secure facility all for a competitive price. However, we do not have to get rid of our possessions; we just need to store it somewhere safe. 


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Box-n-Go Storage Check Easy and Free ground level access
Box-n-Go Storage Check No need to pay for truck, insurance, mileage
Box-n-Go Storage Check Free Limited Contents Protection Coverage
Box-n-Go Storage Check Load/Unload your belongings only once
Box-n-Go Storage Check No hidden fees or gimmicks
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