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State of the art storage facility - twice the protection and security.

State of the art storage facility - twice the protection and security.

FREE Limited Contents Protection Coverage

FREE Limited Contents Protection Coverage.

FREE ground level access.

FREE ground level access.



If you're like many people that live in San Clemente, you may have a hobby that involves collecting some sort of material objects, generally known as collectables. There are many things that different people collect, and for many reasons, from ornamental purposes, or even as a long-term financial investment.
San Clemente Storage
San Clemente Storage

If you're running out of space for everything in your increasingly large collection, you may find yourself needing to place collectables in storage, whether in the home, or in a storage unit, in San Clemente or someplace else. But whatever you collect, from old military uniforms, to My Little Pony figurines, or even comic books, you need to make sure you take precautions to ensure your valuable items are safe. This is where San Clemente Storage service, as offered by Box-n-Go, comes in. Box-n-Go Storage can deliver a storage unit straight to your home in San Clemente. But before the delivery, there is a little home work you need to do.

The first step you need to take with everything is the container itself it is stored in. You may be tempted to be cheap with it and use a cardboard box, but you would be wrong! Cardboard is very susceptible to a number of factors which would put your collectables at risk. First of all, cardboard will eventually biodegrade, which places the items contained within to whatever external elements may be around. Another problem with cardboard comes into play especially in basements or cheaper storage facilities: pests such as moths and rats may chew through the cardboard, this is especially important if you collect books or clothing. Finally, cardboard fosters growth for mold and mildew; this will rot cloth, and even if you collect plastic collectables such as collectable statuettes or some electronics, mildew can cause ugly discoloration that can massively devalue them. The best way to protect against this is to use plastic storage containers that are chemically treated to prevent growth on the plastic; this will be stated on the label. While Box-n-Go storage containers are breathable and no mold or mildew will develop inside the unit, considering the value you place on your collection, a little extra care will go along way, even if it is not neccessary. While the Box-n-Go storage unit will be staying next to your house in San Clemente for a few days, while you are packing, Box-n-Go will take it away to be stored in a secure, dry storage facility.

Another thing to keep in mind is sunlight. Sunlight can degrade almost any material, given enough time. There are two levels to preventing sunlight: first keep your collectables in a closed container, and second, keep it in a dark storage unit. San Clemente storage facilities can vary in this, but Box-n-Go is always a good place to look. Box-n-go storage unit will be kept out of sun light, once picked up from your home in San Clemente and delivered to a high security, centrally located storage facility.

Safety is also important. Some San Clemente storage facilities could expose your goods to less scrupulous employees, so always do research first on any facility. Another aspect of safety is the physical safety of the items in transit, whether it is in your car, truck, or even if you use a storage facility that does the transportation for you, such as Box-n-Go. Anything fragile needs to be protected from physical shocks, generally by wrapping it up. Don't go cheap on this and use newspaper for pretty much the same reasons you shouldn't pack your collectables in cardboard. Use bubble wrap, or for larger objects, you may consider polystyrene packing peanuts; both of these are easily obtained from any retail store that carries packing or shipping materials. When it comes to security, however, Box-n-Go is a hands down leader in the field and their San Clemente Storage service is second to none. Any San Clemente storage facility will only be as secure as people that enter the facility. This is why any traditional storage facility cannot maintain a zero theft security record. Things are very different at Box-n-Go Storage. Their security record is unmatched. When you need to access your belongings, a FREE access is available to you with just a two hour notice. Box-n-Go storage warehouse is located within a short drive from San Clemente, however, as a trade off for such a drive, you receive in return a ground level storage access and high security storage, unavailable any place else in San Clemente.

Keep these tips in mind, and you'll keep your collection in mint condition for generations to come. So, when you need storage in San Clemente or any place else, the only company you need to call is Box-n-Go Storage. They will deliver storage right to your home in San Clemente. No need to drive around looking for storage. No need to rent a truck, load unload multiple times. In fact, you do not even have to leave your San Clemente home to make all the storage arrangements.

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